From their own material,
Candace Frieze is the main channeler for Sananda Immanuel

by Candace Frieze, Rafael, Sananda

Hi everyone! Sananda has a brief update on NESARA, and then Rafael
will finish this series on star medicine, and the answering of
questions asked.

Sananda: My dearest patient ones, I AM Sananda Immanuel, and it is
long past due for a little update concerning NESARA and the related
activities. We have made the decision, as was suggested earlier, to
directly intervene in the announcement of NESARA. We are now in the
intervention process. The date has come. Last weekend was quite busy,
with some great battles of various sorts again being fought, but we
did of course prevail. Candace has received a number of letters from
those who are empaths, feeling of the darkness that was encountered
these last few days.

It should not be much longer now until the announcement. The
announcement team is simply on notice continually, and can get to
Washington in pretty short order. The US military have been reluctant
and require evidently more support than originally supposed. The
higher the rank, the less brave they prove to be! Most disappointing,
these "warriors" only of the office.

I wish I could give more details, but at this time, a bit of secrecy
is important. We are possibly going to have to set back the date for
the Second Coming, but not by much. We do need a small amount of time
to acquaint the public of the world with our presence first. About 2
-3 weeks should be sufficient. This, as I have mentioned before, will
start with the NESARA announcement, as there is a star person on the
team, for just that purpose. The announcement of our presence in your
skies will come at the end of the initial teaching process, taking a
couple of days by the announcement team.

I have no other news, other than you remain patient and faithful that
the process is happening, and that you shall see the announcement.
There are many changes throughout the world related to NESARA going
on, and these continue. I remind you that this is a worldwide project,
and work is happening that you do not see.

One of the problems in the USA has been getting the proper orders of
arrest for the Mr. Bush filed. You have never openly removed a
President before, using the military, even though there have been a
number of them most deserving of this process. At this time, it is not
suitable for Congress to impeach him, as the office was stolen, and
the impeachment process is not applicable. Too many in your Congress
are also guilty of various crimes, and would be most reluctant to
incriminate themselves in the process.

I myself have faced disappointment in this process, and that the
timing has not been what I had wished for. I certainly did plan that
all would have occurred much earlier. But at the same time, there is
the solving of so many problems, that cannot now occur after the

I do also remind you that the announcement process I am describing, is
for the United States, and that the process may occur somewhat
differently for the many other countries. Some will just flow into it,
minus an official announcement, as is going on now in many places.

Something of interest to mention, about the Kumara past. Under the
leadership of my father, Sanat Kumara,
our group extricated ourselves, from the inside without help from others, from the matrix of another world long ago. This is why my father's commitment to Earth in the first place, he is a survivor of such a system as Earth's, albeit a
little different circumstance. Earth is a tougher job, and needs
outside assistance, as it is the last hangout of Lucifer's group and
the Reptilians, and a few other BBB&G’s.

Continue to hold the faith, and be in peace of the process, my
friends. Namaste, Sananda Immanuel

Sanat Kumara ..
The scumbag himself..supposed pics of Lucifer


..the Second Beast, the False Prophet who comes claiming he is Jesus the Messiah, which one will it be?

                                    Sananda Immanuel                                                          Maitreya