The Lies of the 5th Dimension & The Coming Lies of Maitreya

By Sherry Shriner


Although I did this show several years, the importance of the information is so relevant for today....

Transcribed by Simon Keen, a listener in Israel:

Sherry Shriner Radio Broadcast - Reality Radio Network - 10 October 2005 - 1st hour

And that's Satan's bells ringing in the churches today.  Hello folks and welcome to the show.  
I'm Sherry Shriner.

2000 years ago the Lord forewarned us the last days would be ones of natural disasters,
famines, plagues, violence, apostasy and death.  Over the last 20 years or so we've been
seeing a rise of apostasy on the outer realms of the churches slowly creeping in.  You know
many years ago, I can remember reading John McArthur's book, "
The Downgrade

".  And he warned that when churches started to deny one doctrine, it would
lead to another and another and another, till eventually there would be no real faith left in
the churches.

You know we've had self-help and positive thinking New Age concepts brought into the
churches over the years and now it's escalating into a "we can become God" theology
masked in terms of soul growth, ascension and perfecting yourself into a light being.  Some
of you would think you would recognize deception when you hear it and would know to stay
away from it.  But the truth is many believers are being deceived by it, and as the Spirit of
the Lord draws them away from it, what they have yet to realize is that one day the Spirit of
the Lord is no longer going to strive with man.  It is no longer going to strive to pull them
away from the apostasies and errors they're in.  He's going to allow them to stay in it.

One of the biggest things being, reasons being is because man is no longer seeking Him for
the truth.  They get swept away by all of these doctrines of apostates, because they're not
seeking Him for the truth.  You know the Elect, the Bible says the Elect won't be deceived.  
But the majority of the church is not the Elect.  You know the church is the Bride of Christ.  
And yes the Bride is and will be deceived unless they're on guard against deception and
lies.  And most aren't.  Most are being swept away by the tactics of the devil.  And you see
that in the false prophecies, the false visions and the things they accept as being from the
Lord when they're not.

So if they're not kept from error now, what makes people think they're going to be kept from
error in the last days when it counts the most? And it counts the most everyday.  You don't
know if you're going to have tomorrow promised to you or not.  You know if the bride
couldn't be deceived we wouldn't have false prophecies or false religions.  Nor would the
churches be drowning in the errors that they're drowning in.  I've said it before, the Elect are
the 1440,00, and the Bride they are two different groups.

You know over the past year, I've been contacted by many people who have been deceived
by demonic beings posing as the angel Gabriel.  They've been claiming Gabriel's visiting
them, giving them false visions and prophecies.  Of course they don't call them false.  Not to
mention those who have been contacting me telling me they ARE Gabriel.  You know
Gabriel's been a favorite of the New Agers and Satanists to deceive Christians with... all
year long and even before that.  And now it's slowly coming to be the archangel Michael.  
Now everybody's hearing from Michael.  They're Michael himself.

And on top of that you have the usuals.  You have those who claim they're Elijah, those who
claim they're Moses.  And so now I've been hearing from people claiming that they're the
messiah that's promised to come.  Or that they're the Antichrist.  You know Satan throws out
this grandiose bug and a lot of these people buy it.  They want to be something more than
just being a servant of God.  Like being a servant of God doesn't bring enough persecution
and martyrdom and hatred with it.  You know they try the tactic, "Oh I'm Gabriel.  I'm Michael.
 I'm this, I'm that", and it's this grandiose spirit.  And I hear it all the time.

Tonight I want to get into some of the false doctrines sweeping in through the New Age
movement into the churches, and what believers are toying with.  And it's dangerous folks.  
There's many on the brink of damning their souls to hell.  And that's why I'm forewarning you
and why I'm going to spend some time on this tonight, and perhaps even next week as long
as the Lord leads.

I've been studying all week long about this, and over time.  You guys have heard me talk
about this stuff over show for the past year.  About a lot of these New Age garbage
teachings that are coming out.  And this is from their own mouths.  This is from those who
lead the movement themselves.  This Maitreya, Sananda or Atton or Hatonn or whatever,
the "name of the day" club, because these guys change their names and titles.  They've at
least got a million each.  I think Maitreya is the only one who sticks with Maitreya.  You know
when you hear from Sananda it's Emmanuel or Sananda or Esu or Isu however you
pronounce it.  And then you'll hear from this Atton who goes by archangel Michael or god of
Nebbadon. He calls the universe Nebbadon.

It sounds like science fiction stuff.  But they're serious.  Their deceptions are good.  It's
deceived a lot of people so far.  How many people have you read on line just in Christian
forums of so called prophets having visions from Gabriel, visions and visits from Gabriel.  
And they're powerful, they're all around.  And so they are deceiving the church.  They are
deceiving the bride.  And how many of these soul doctrines are seeing slowly creep into the
churches masked by different terminology.  But the same kind of things the New Age
teaches just masked in different terms.  You know perfecting yourself to a higher and higher
anointing or ascending, and it's just prevalent in the churches today.

So I want to get into that.  I want to explain what some of these doctrines coming in are, and
just go back and explain some of this stuff.  I'll probably be repeating a lot of stuff over and
over again.  And it's just how my notes are.  I probably won't get into listener call in till the
second half of this show tonight, if I even get into it.  Because I do have a lot of information I
want to get through.

One of these things a lot of these people in the New Age movement and those being
deceived by now, is that they're being told.. this whole era on our earth, and everybody's
looking to a countdown of 2012.  A lot of you recognize what I'm talking about.  A lot of them
referring that this is a special time in our planet.  Because we have the option not to ascend
in frequencies with earth into the fifth dimension without any physical death.  And of course
this is a lie.  Some people will make it through the tribulation period, but not the majority,
definitely not.  The majority of five billion people will die before the coming of the Lord with
His saints in the clouds at the Battle of Armageddon.

And so what they have to do is discredit and discount the Bible to make their own
hypocrisies and apostasies work.  And of course a lot of these people don't even bother to
read the Bible.  What they'll tell you now is that our earth has reached the fourth dimension
frequency.  And that a lot of them have... and the fourth dimension frequency folks is the
astro realm.  That tells your right there that there's a lot of people being deceived by the
astro realm.  You know this is a spiritual realm.  This is the realm that Sananda works out of,
that all these aliens work out of because they're spirits.  They can't fully manifest on earth
yet in physical forms.  And so they work out of the fourth dimension.

And what they want to do is shift mankind.  Their big goal is to shift mankind into a fifth
dimension and I'll tell you why a little bit later.  But they also claim that for the most part
heaven is coming to earth, and that they have about six years now to get people prepared
for this.  And I've talked about what their heaven is.  You can go to  I can't even remember the name of my own website.  and it'll show some of their ideas of bringing heaven to
earth.  Either a literal city, I call it rainbow city or just a decorated UFO.

I've heard that one, that the UFO the Starship Capricorn will hover above Jerusalem to
deceive the people that this is the new Jerusalem.  And actually I guess they actually do
have a spaceship called the New Jerusalem.  And that may kick in and be it yet, we don't
know.  But either way that website will prepare you one way or another for some of the
facades that they have coming.

Another thing that they talk a lot about is the star people coming.  And these folks are
nothing but aliens themselves.  There's nothing star about them, these are fallen angels
posing as aliens, posing as ascended masters.  And what they want you to do is... the whole
thing is to get people to agree with them to go to a jump, to an earth shift jump into the fifth
dimension.  You know and in the fifth dimension.. the fifth dimension is eternal time.  It's all
time is now.  There's no past, there's no future.  It's the ability to transcend matter.  All
beings in the fifth dimension live peacefully and enjoy existence.  So what they're talking
about is an eternal time.

And in the fifth dimension we would allegedly have light bodies meaning that our carbon
based cells using chemical energy from food, would have been converted into crystalline
based cells which use light energy.  And this another one of their hidden aspects to a lot of
the jump in health and changes in food lately, is because they want to change our DNA
carbon based cells into converted crystalline based cells.  Another thing, I'm probably going
to repeat that a couple of times because that's what they're basically trying to do, is get
mankind to change and tweak their DNA.

And there's a two fold reason for that.  One being that they.. once a person's DNA has been
tweaked and extra codons in it have been turned on, these people become more easily
possessed and controlled by the aliens.  It has nothing to do about self empowerment folks,
they don't want... they couldn't care less about your own self-empowerment, your own
self-help.  What they want you to do is turn your body into a body that they can control and
possess, because they can't operate in this realm without a body.  They need a physical
form.  And so that's what they want, they want your body.  And so they have all these foolish
people that follow them by the millions.  Believing every, hanging on every garbage word
they say, just to make these people ready to be possessed and controlled.

In an eternal dimensional shift, and that's another thing I want to talk about, because you'll
hear about these people talking about dimensional shifts all of the time.  You'll hear them
talk about the coming earth shift, dimensional shift.  And they're not talking about the pole
shift of judgment we talk about.  You know Isaiah talks about the earth axis... the earth itself
rocking to and fro like a drunkard and describing a pole shift.  They're not talking about a
pole shift of judgment, they're talking about this mass change that they want to jump from a
3D into a fifth dimensional time frame.

Mankind we operate in linear time.  In other words we are governed by the clock.  We have
24 hours and our days are added into weeks, months and years.  We are time oriented.  
And our astrological times and laws are also governed by the moon as it travels through the
12 signs of the zodiac.  Our seasons change, and days get shorter and longer determined
by the times and seasons we are in.

The linear time is the result of the fall of man.  There are those that allege that during the
original creation of Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden.  They were not governed by the
linear time, but lived within an eternal state.  When they fell in sin, their bodies were
changed to accommodate and earthly existence, and the earth was then changed from an
eternal to a linear time.

You know our Most High Yehovah and those in heaven live in an eternal state where there
is no time.  And that's what we would call the fifth dimension.  You know He knows everything
that is going to happen on earth because we are limited and bound to linear time.  And
since He abides in an eternal state of existence, He isn't and can already know what
happens in the past present and future, with those who live in linear.

You know that seems simple enough to understand.  But now imagine that Satan and all his
finite stupidity and never ending ignorance, comes up with a scheme and a plan, that if he
can get back into the eternal state of being that he once was and before he rebelled and
got kicked out of heaven, that he could change the coming  pronounced judgment against
him.  You know when Lucifer rebelled and caused a third of the angels to rebel with him
against the Most High, his pronounced judgment for doing so by the Most High was not
fulfilled at that time.  He lost his eternal status.  He lost his angelic looks.  He lost his home in
the highest heaven, being limited to the first and second heavens.  But he was allowed to
continue and live and rule over those who had rebelled with him, to test mankind.

And the Most High would and has used him to test His creation.  Whom would His creation
serve?  He wanted to test mankind.  Would they serve Him or would they serve Satan?  The
people on earth would be created and born throughout the ages with a purpose to make a
choice.  And earth became not only a testing ground of His creation, but a battle ground for
the souls of men as Satan would seek to persuade as many as possible from even believing
a God existed, to worshipping false ones he established for them to get deceived by.

They created religions everywhere.  He's offering mankind the mentality that they don't even
have to make a choice, that their lives are their lives to do what they want to.  Satan would
deceive mankind, and God on the other hand would receive all those who chose Him and
followed Him.  You know the earth is a testing ground.  It has always been, or the Most High
would never have allowed Eve to come in contact with Lucifer to begin with.  Man is created
with free will and we must choose whom will listen to or follow and give our allegiance to,
either God or Satan.

Universal law dictates that for every action there's a positive and negative reaction.  You
know it's this ying-yang effect.  For every pro there is an anti.  For good there is evil, for
light there is dark.  For reward there is punishment.  Universal law demands balance.  And
there is balance in all things, and this is how the Lord wanted it.  After all He created the
universe and everything in it, because of free will we have this Universal Law which is
basically God's laws.  So in everything there is a choice, a balance required, action of
negative or positive based on the actions we take.  And that is how things operate in linear

So back to Lucifer's rebellion and judgment.  He knows that the rest of his judgment is to be
fulfilled in the future, to be cast into a lake of fire, to suffer and torment for eternity.  He not
only seeks to take as many of mankind with him as possible through all his various traps,
schemes and deceptions through the ages.  He ultimately is trying to avoid it all together as
far as his own personal judgment goes.  The overall plan of Lucifer in the last days is to
eliminate all those who believe in a personal God and eternalize this linear dimension into
an eternal one.

You know in this delusion they believe they can escape their coming judgment.  But they
need the cooperation of mankind to do it.  Lucifer still thinks he can be God.  He lost the first
time when he rebelled and took a third of the angels with him and got kicked out of heaven.  
And those in an eternal state already know he loses in the second. (coughing, gasping for
air) I'm sorry about that folks... I'm talking so much.  And he loses in the third.  And then
guess what, he gets the lake of fire for eternity.

What's the second and the third?  Apparently he gets three attempts to try and strip the
power of God the Most High.  I'll get my voice back.  I've been loosing it for the last couple of
weeks, and I was just getting it back this week.  Apparently not back all the way.  I'll be all
right.  Back to this....

Steve: You okay?

Sherry: Yeah I'm getting there.  I'm choking here.  I can't even breath.

After his first rebellion, getting back into the material I'm in folks, he complete judgment was
delayed to accommodate two more attempts to fulfill God's will in using him to test mankind.  
So he gets three attempts total.  We know that one has passed, when he deceived one third
of the angels and rebelled against God.  His second one is coming up in the last days where
he deceives the earth as the Antichrist, what we call the Antichrist.  His third chance will
come up in the Millennium.

Now God being in an eternal state of existence already knows that Satan loses each time.  
Satan knows this as well.  But what he thinks he can do, he thinks that if he can change our
earth structure of being in linear time into an eternal state of existence, that he can beat the
judgment that's coming to him.

Okay so that's the whole reason, that's the whole push about this whole becoming light
beings, ascending into a fifth dimension.  That's the whole reason he wants us to do this.  Is
so that he can ultimately avert his coming judgment.  But he needs mankind's assistance to
do it.  For some reason he thinks that if he has the acceptance and approval of mankind to
do it, that this will happen.

I don't know where he gets that from, but apparently that's how it works.  He believes...
because they can't come here.  He can't operate on earth unless he has the power to do so
from mankind.  Like everyone wants to keep knowing where these aliens are, when are they
coming.  Well when mankind accepts them.  Like he's had these idiots on line on the internet
with all these petitions to invite them to come.  That's what they need, that's what they're
looking for.  They are the ones behind these petitions.  They need acceptance from
mankind to come here.

You know they want to push off all their lies that they're going to come and make earth
better for us.  And that they're going to make our health better and they're, you know, going
to do some of their economic programs, NESARA how they're going to make people
extremely wealthy.  And they just spread all these lies.

If they can get mankind to believe their lies and accept them to come here, then they'll be
here.  Then they'll come.  And Satan is pretty much obviously working out of the same
premise for this whole fifth dimension thing.  That if he can get all of these people to agree
and accept that they can become fifth dimensional, eternal beings, that this is something
that will just happen, that will become so.  I mean I don't know.  Obviously we know it's not
going to work.  But that's what he's pushing for, he honestly believes that it will work.  That if
he can get millions of people in the world concentrating and focusing on becoming evolved
in this next dimension then it will just happen.

And so with this just happening, he thinks that he will avert his judgment coming at the
Second Coming of Christ when the Lord will return at the Battle of Armageddon.  Satan
believes that he can just avert this altogether and avoid the whole thing.  And so that's what
they're doing with a lot of these New Age lies for now.

We know that when the Lord does come, that his angels will bind Satan and cast him into
the abyss for a thousand years during the Millennial reign.  And he won't be able to operate.
 And then he'll be loosed for a short season after the Millennial reign for yet his third attempt
to try and usurp God.  And at this time he will be defeated once again and cast into the lake
of fire forever, with the false prophet and the Antichrist.

So ultimately Satan's game plan here is thinking he can avoid the whole thing by jumping
our earth time from linear time into eternal time.  And these are the things that are going to
happen.  He knows that under linear time his judgment will come.  And so that's why he's
seeking to change our whole thing into an eternal state of existence, to have us jump into a
fifth dimension.

And this is why he's devised a great deception planned to cause the earth to jump from a
linear dimension to an eternal one.  You know if you listen to the rhetoric of the New Age
crowd many are always referring to the coming dimensional shift.  Naturally they view it as
being a progression from being finite, physical human beings to become more of a spiritual
being that can ascend into a christ-consciousness and exist in an eternal state.  You know
it's a perverted mimickery of the highest heaven, and how those in heaven and the Lord live

You know I don't understand all the details but apparently Lucifer believes that if enough
people accept this lie as a fact that it can happen.  That he can mastermind and create
through the acceptance of mankind, the ability to cause us to jump from linear time to an
eternal existence.  You know Lucifer can't do anything on his own.  He can only work and
achieve as far as people ignorantly and purposefully allow him to.  He is limited by the
acceptance and permission of mankind in what he can achieve.

So he deceives mankind into giving him the permission he needs to operate to do and
implement the things he wants to accomplish.  And the biggest thing he wants is an eternal
state of existence.  And who is he using to get it?  Those who follow him through secret
societies, through groups, through organizations who pledge their loyalty and allegiance to
him.  He uses the New Age movement.  He operates through false dogmas implanted in
religions, and works through all those dedicated to him to help him achieve his purposes on

You know, so what kind of lies has satan created to deceive mankind to unwittingly to accept
his plan of a dimensional shift that will never happen.  You know he's promulgated these
ascension and soul doctrines and teachings.  Either from the religious, the church, or the
New Age crowds.  And this is some of the teachings that the Great White Brotherhood
teaches about this whole dimensional thing and being able to jump into an eternal state of
existence without ever experiencing death.

You know these teachings come in direct rebellion against the Most High and will damn the
souls of those who adhere to them.  It is the same as joining Lucifer's side during his first
rebellions and being part of one third of the angels who joined with him.  Only this time he
will gather about two thirds of mankind to join this particular one.  It's almost like the tables
are reversed.  In the first rebellion he only deceived one third of the "people", and now in his
second rebellion he's going to get about two thirds of the people.

You know if you want to elevate into a higher level, climb up a ladder.  Ride an elevator to
the next floor.  Don't fall for this Luciferian garbage folks.

You know we don't have to obtain Christ-consciousness.  We already have the Spirit of the
Lord within us.  And people have already been born with a knowledge that there is a God.  
His Spirit will draw you to Him.  If you accept His redemption and salvation, you will obtain His
Spirit within you.  It's not something you can work for outside of Him.  It's not something you
can earn or be awarded with by man or a fallen angel posing as an ascended master.

They're pushing these lies of the fallen angels masquerading as Christ, as teachers, as
beings not of this earth, but who want to help earthlings evolve into higher beings and solve
all of our earth related problems.  You know their Christ Michael or Archangel Michael is self
admitted, he's admitted he's a tall grey alien who appears in a manufactured humanoid
body.  Others who work with this particular ascension agenda are Maitreya, Sananda and
this Saint Germaine.  And there's many others.  You have the whole Ashtar Command.  
Those who are working with the Capricorn Ship.  All of these people are channeling New
Age masters or supposed guides from the other side.  And they're all channeling the same
garbage folks.

And then you'll hear of others speak of going into eternal time.  Leaving this earthly
dimensional linear time and going into the eternal.  The only time you're going to go into the
eternal is if you are dead.  You know this kind of chatter is to condition people into believing
that this is something as accessible or can be done.  It's setting them up  for the greater lies
that come from Lucifer himself, when he is here masquerading as God building his kingdom
on earth.

And then there's just the usual ascension rhetoric that (unclear) to deceive.  You can
ascend and ascend into a higher form or being.  You can be just like them, these ascended
masters.  You can play God and think you are one.  But you're going to end up in hell folks
and not the eternal paradise of peace, love and ascension that they are selling.  There is
only one God, and there is no equal.  There is only one Messiah and Savior and Redeemer
of mankind and there is no equal to Him.  Neither can we ascend to His status.

You know it's the same lie Satan used in the first rebellion when he said I will be like the
Most High.  And you hear him whispering that over and over again throughout all these
garbage doctrines that are going out now and slowly becoming parts of our churches.  And
slowly what they'll do is permeate our churches and start renouncing all of the religions of
the earth and start promoting unity.  What they need is unity.  They need everybody of one
mind to want to do a dimension shift into this fifth dimension and go into an eternal state of

And they've got all the props set up.  They're going to fool mankind into thinking that the
kingdom of God has come down on earth, which is basically going to be a glorified UFO, or
an actual rainbow city that I have at  It'll be one or the other.  
And they're going to hand hold mankind into this whole deception, that the kingdom of God
is here, and now we're going to go into the Millennial reign and everybody needs to shift into
the fifth dimension.  Shift into this eternal dimension, this time.

And so that's what he needs, that's what he's counting on to deceive everybody by.  So that
by doing so, that he can avoid judgment that he knows is coming.

A lot of back and forth talk between them.  They claim the existence of universal laws, which
are God's laws.  And what they do is they reinterpret them for their own uses.  They rewrite
mankind's religions and invent their own.  They'll tell us, oh you'll hear "religions are wrong",
and then they'll rewrite our religions based on their interpretations of how they are.  And
who says they're right?  We know that all of our religions have things wrong in them, and
things that are right.  Every one of them.  And so obviously what these beings are doing is
coming to tell us that, "all of your religions are wrong, and we're going to tell you exactly the
right way.  And we're ascended masters so you have to listen to us."

Basically what they want to try and develop, is an earth where there is no condemnation for
anyone.  No accountability for anyone's actions.  And where no one is born in sin because
all will have ascended into an eternal state of existence, a dimensional shift from linear to
eternal.  And you know what, they know this is a complete failure.  If it weren't they wouldn't
lead by example and being able to show their own fruit of this kind of existence... existing on
their own realm.

You know that's why the need earth.  They can't make this happen.  All they can do is damn
the souls of all those who fall for it.  And that is their real goal, to damn the souls of billions
on earth, who will then spend eternity in punishment, condemnation and torment in hell with
them.  They know the lake of fire awaits them, and they want to take as many with them as

You know these beings think they have an option in regards to their coming judgment by the
Most High.  Their plan is two fold.  One they think they can really pull it off and avoid their
coming judgment, or they already know it won't work, but will go to hell with their own evil
satisfaction, they fooled billions of people on earth into following and believing with them and
damning their own souls to the same place of judgment.  You know the lack of accountability
for ones own actions is dominant in all their teachings no matter what form of religion they
take.  It's the underlying theme because they don't want to admit accountability exists and
they're bound by it.  So they teach others it doesn't exist to deceive them.

You know they want everybody to think happy thoughts.  They want everybody to think this
shift coming is going to be a literal heaven on earth.  And it's all deception folks.  It's all
deception.  But that's what they need, that's what they want to push.  And when they bring
this New Jerusalem down and hover it above Jerusalem and tell everybody it's the new
Jerusalem prophesied of by the prophet John.

They could easily say, "Hey, you can have a free tour but you have to have the seal of God
in your forehead or on your right hand".  You know they could easily bring in this whole
chipping thing or this bar coding the name, the number of his name, the name or his image.  
And say, "You can have a tour, but if you want to join in on the kingdom of God, you have to
show your loyalty to God.  You have to get his name, number or image of him on your right
hand or forehead".  And so that's another way I've seen coming that they can enforce that
upon the entire world.

We're going to take a break, and when we come back, I'm going to get into some more of..
some of the teachings, outright teachings other than ascension that these beings are
teaching.  And that's going to become dominant in the last days.  We'll be right back in
about two to three minutes folks.


And we'll get into some of this stuff folks.  I'm not having listener call in probably till the
second half.  We're taking the rest of this half to go through some of this stuff.  But what I
want to do is go through some of their actual teachings and some of the things that come
out of their own mouths.  I'm going to have this posted on my site so you can see it yourself.

Some of the stuff that comes out of this archangel Michael.  You can go to my website at  and I have the article listed there where this archangel
Michael, this christ Michael admits he's a tall grey alien.  And I have his picture on my
website.  A painted portrait picture of him in his humanoid suit that was manufactured and
made for him so that he could look like a human.  And you can see that right on my site.  I
mean all of this stuff comes out of their own mouths.  I don't make this stuff up.

What I thought was really funny was one of these e-mails he just sent out last week.  They
have e-mail lists on the internet.  I know you're completely shocked.  And they do and they
have these people that channel them.  They send these e-mails out everywhere with things
directly from them.

And there was one where he was talking about.. he talks about Atlantis.  And he talks about
how Atlantis was operated by a central government.  And I have this picture on my website
at the, a picture of Atlantis and they have a council of ten
that ran Atlantis.  And Michael talks about how the masters returned and what could seem
more natural than having their guidance at such a time.  But the funny thing is, is when he
talks about the masters return to Atlantis.  We all know what happened to Atlantis.  Atlantis
was destroyed.  It went up in flames.  It went up in fire and smoke, it's below the ocean.  So
yeah we want these same masters coming to earth to help us.

He talks about earth before the end of our age.  You will again find the masters returning.  
And what he's talking about is their appearance here, the Annunaki.  This alien invasion that
I've been talking about for years.  But they're not coming as aliens, but they're coming in the
role of spiritual leaders.  What they're trying to do is bring people together into a common
knowledge, to remove the differences that have prevented unity among us all.  And you
know what the Lord wanted it this way.  That's why He had the judgment of the tower of
Babel.  To differentiate the people, divide them spread them out.  And they've been working
ever since to null and void the judgment of the tower of Babel.  Bring everybody back into
one unified government, one unified religion.  That's their whole unity.

That's how you'll see the Council of Churches, the National Council of Churches and all
these pastors and preachers, Jack Van Impe and Billy Graham and all them preaching
tolerance and unity.  They talking the same alignment with these New Agers because
nowhere does the Lord ever tell us to compromise our beliefs in Him to unify with pagans.  
To unify with the different satanic and demonic religions around the world.  He said His truth
brings a sword not peace.  You know we have nothing in common with those who worship
gods of stone or rubble or wood or whatever.  You know anybody other than the Most High,
we have nothing in common with, and we are not to compromise with them.

But if you listen to some of the preachers today preaching unity and tolerance, that's exactly
what they want you to do.  They want you to become unified with them.  And for the handful
out there that will say no, that will stand up against them, these are the ones that will be
persecuted against during the tribulation period.

Another thing they come out and say is that there's a lot of things in our history that needs
to be rewritten so that we'll learn the truth.  And obviously because when it needs to be
rewritten is they want to be the ones rewriting it and telling us what the truth is.  It's the truth
based on these Annunaki.  It's the truth based on these aliens who were kicked out of
heaven.  They were liars and thieves back then, it's what they're going to be when they
return.  They lie about everything and they steal your soul.  They're going to damn a lot of
people to hell who follow them.  So don't follow them folks, don't believe what they say.

It talks about, "although you may strive for perfection on earth, you cannot achieve it without
drawing the higher energies to you".  And you know what I don't think anybody here tries to
strive for perfection on earth.  You know they're trying to tell us what it is we're not doing.  
Basically most of mankind is trying to survive on earth.  We're certainly not trying to strive
for perfection.  And the reason we try so hard to survive is living through an earth that they
control behind the scenes.  You know they do a lot of the controlling behind the scenes.  
And they play dual roles, they're everywhere.  They're on both sides of the coin everywhere.
 They dominate and they control everywhere.  So this is just some of the stuff.

They talk about mankind being on a journey, and that we can't complete it without their help.
 You know it's the fact that they're here helping us -  helping us?! - that the end of days are
coming here.  These will be the last days, because they are here.  That's what brings about
the Lord's judgment on this earth.  So many people have forgotten exactly how the Lord
works and that He will punish mankind via natural disasters.  And over the years people just
kind of forget about, forget about that and how He works.

You know famines are the result of the Lord's judgment on us.  He can make things very
bountiful and plentiful like we've had it for the majority of the ages that we've been here in
America.  Where we've never seen great famine, great destructions here, and great hunger.
 Maybe with the market crash of 1929.  But we've always been considered... especially not a
third world country as we could be considered as.  We've always had plenty here.

So when the Lord starts judging mankind, you're going see that come to an end here.  
You're going to see that come to an end.  We're going to be a third world country.  And
that's how the Lord works when He starts moving His judgment on mankind for rejecting Him,
you're going to start seeing a lot of things that you took for granted taken away.  And the
United States is going to become a third world nation.  We're going to become under this
police state and martial law like we've been warning about for years.

These aliens this whole fifth dimension agenda.. it works both ways.  It not only controls the
religious realm and the New Age realm, and the fact they can infiltrate and deceive our
churches.  They do the same thing to our governments.  They control the politics that go
along with their religious agenda.  So they're not only introducing one aspect, being a
religious agenda, they're introducing their own political agenda.  And what they like to do,
the like to say, "Oh this is the New World Order"  this is a different faction from us.  This is
the NWO".  When they're all working together.  They're all working together folks.

I mean these aliens, there's only so many of them maybe 200, 400, maybe 500 million of
them.  I'm not sure of the exact numbers.  But they can't control mankind with their numbers.
 We still outnumber them.  And so that's why they have to curb down the population of
mankind to where they can control it.  And that's exactly why they'll work with the NWO in
implementing all these wars, all of these disasters.  And then act like they're trying to
prevent them.  Act like they're our friends in space trying to help mankind.  Help trying to
keep these "big bad boys and girls" (BBB&G's) in the NWO from destroying earth, when
they're the ones helping them along.  I mean they want to get rid of just as much of the
population as the NWO does.  Because either faction at the end can't control it being

And so we're looking at why they want to get rid of so many millions and billions of humans
on this earth.  Because they can't control it the way it is right now.  They'll try to do that by
famine and plagues.  Probably some huge plague epidemics coming up we've been warning
about it.  President Bush has been doing a lot of conditioning lately about a coming possible
outbreak.  And you've seen the movie "Outbreak".  It's all conditioning.  Because they create
these epidemics, these flu viruses, these bugs.  They create them in laboratories here in
America.  And then once they have the vaccine for the elite, the rich people so they won't be
affected by it, then they'll unleash it on the people (everyone else).

It's all just a matter of timing.  When they think they can get away with it.  We knew that
hurricanes were from HAARP, HAARPicanes.  Their man-made weather weapon.  And now
they're conditioning us for this coming flu outbreak.  And don't get the vaccinations.  They're
going to be worse that the flu itself.  You will most likely die from their cures than you will the
cause itself.  That's another part of their conditioning, have everybody running to get these
flu vaccines for the winter.  Don't get them folks.  Don't get them.

Another thing about... more of this stuff they preach about the light bodies and merging into
the fifth dimension.  They don't preach that anybody will be returning to heaven.  They don't
preach in these raptures, they preach about leaving earth for a while.  They do teach that
one.  Having to leave earth because when the final judgments coming cataclysms come in,
then they'll return.  So they themselves know basically some of the judgments that are
coming to earth.

2012 is marked for their Golden Age, for their Golden Age to begin when the first shift will
take place.  Of course they teach their first contact taking place well before 2012.  But they
mark the beginning of their new Golden Age at being 2012.  And of course a lot of us that
know Bible prophecy or you've been reading some of the other.. the Hopi indian stuff, that
2012 being the year where basically it all ends as we know it.  But that's when they teach
when their Golden Age begins.  But probably pretty much close to when the real Millennium
will start for the Lord.  Somewhere around that timeline.

And of course they're talking about bringing this NESARA in.  And this NESARA is the
economic program of the beast.  It's an economic program.  Another one of those things you
know dangling carrots in front of rabbits saying, "if you join NESARA get that mark of loyalty
joining our kingdom", which involves NESARA.  "Get a seal of loyalty on your right hand or
forehead and we'll eliminate all your credit card debt.  We'll take away your mortgages so
you don't have to pay mortgages anymore.  We'll shorten your work weeks."  They're going
to be dangling all kinds of carrots in front of your face so that you'll join their kingdom.  "Join
our kingdom and you'll get a tour of this UFO space ship in Jerusalem".  You know they're
going to be pulling off all kinds of stunts folks.  If one deception doesn't get you from one
area another one will.  And that's why you always have to be on guard.

What they'll talk about is when earth goes through the coming changes.  Probably the same
ones Isaiah talks about, when he says the earth is rocking back to and fro like a drunkard.  
We can see a pole shift coming.  What they'll do, is that they'll take their people to the inner
earth, or aboard starships temporarily and return prior to the earth ascension into the fifth
dimension.  Of course they call it ascension into the fifth dimension.  We just call it the
Lord's judgment on earth because He's going to destroy this earth.

But what they'll talk about is that all of this isn't being forced on anybody.  But they talk out
of both sides of their mouths.  And we'll see that here in a little bit because what they do is
they say that, "Oh this is voluntary.  You don't have to come into the eternal timeline with us,
the fifth dimension".  But if you don't, you're going to be cleansed from earth.  Or you're
going to be sent back to another planet that's running on three dimension.  They're going to
get rid of you.

They won't come out and tell you outright and tell you they're going to murder you.  What
they'll tell you is you're going to be sent to another planet where you'll just re-go another 3D
existence, until to change your attitude to come back and go into the fifth dimension with
them.  But it's just outright murder.  They've just come up with very creative ways of not
saying they're going to murder every person on this planet that doesn't agree with them.

You know there's a whole lot of less people that will go with this than I think anything else
that they can come up with.  But the thing that's going to make this sell is their Sananda
Emmanuel that's coming that looks exactly like the Jesus Christ pictures that we've seen
hanging in our churches for 2000 years.  You know Michaelangelo painted a portrait of
Sananda.  The churches accepted that as being Jesus Christ.  And so they've hung it in
their churches.  They have it in all the book stores, book marks and everything religious
related, you'll see a picture of Jesus on it.  Only it's not Jesus Christ the Son of God, it's this

So the entire church has worked for 1500 years to condition people that this is what Jesus
looks like, so when this Sananda comes, everybody relates him to being Jesus.  That's a big
part of the deception and delusion right there.

I want to go jump a little bit. (Here Sherry means changing topics, not changing dimensions!!
- Simon)  I don't want to get into NESARA the Lord knows I've spent enough time on
NESARA during this show.  And I've done whole shows on NESARA.  And you can read
about NESARA at

But this is what they call the grand experiment folks, this whole time coming up.  When
mankind will have an opportunity to jump together from the 3D into the fifth dimension.  They
call it the grand experiment.  They call it reaching the top level stages of soul growth.  So
that's where all this ascension and soul growth stuff goes, so that you can jump from linear
time into eternal existence.

I'm going to get into.. I started reading, and what I did was I sent out on my list the other day
about the heresy journals that they call the Phoenix Journals.  And so what I wanted to do
was... some of the low lights of one of these journals.  I have journal number 2.  It's called "I
am Sananda".  I am.  He loves that "I Am".  Every time these channelers speak it's "I am, I
am"... they love that "I am".  They use it all the time.

And so what they did, they wrote a whole set of journals.  And it pretty much basically
grounds all of their teachings into what they say are scrolls that were found in a cave.  You
got to be careful about all these scrolls being found folks.  You don't want to change your
thinking and your doctrine too much just over scrolls that are found because they're
popping up all over the place.  And they're teaching garbage.  And so you really have to be
careful.  Because nothing found even now would contradict what the Lord has taught back
then.  He doesn't contradict Himself.  He doesn't introduce any kind of new doctrines that's
not already there.  Something that wasn't already believed by His people at the time.

But what some of these what they call the Phoenix Journal, and I read through number 2 this
past week, is they teach that the Ten Commandments are man-made foolish laws, that are
contrary to the Laws of Creation and Nature.  And if you read this Phoenix Journal number 2
it basically is all the gospels, probably the entire book of Matthew rewritten.  Rewritten from
their point of view obviously.  What they do do, is that they take whole chunks of Matthew
and leave them intact, and rewrite them, and add in their own garbage to it.  Or take away
the significance of what's actually being said.

So when you look at it from the (unclear) it looks like you're reading the Book of Matthew,
but when you start getting into to it, you realize it how far off the wall it is.

Another thing they teach is that there's not such thing as a holy Sabbath day.  That's
Sabbath day's illogical.  The creation doesn't stop for a day, so work still needs to be done.  
And a Sabbath is just like any other day.  So this of course in opposition to the Lord who
admonished us to remember the Sabbath and keep it holy.  "Six days shalt thy labor and do
all thy work, but the seventh day shall rest." And here the churches have been arguing over
which Sabbath to honor.  Here these guys come by and say, "Hey there is no Sabbath.  
Don't worry about it."  They'll settle arguments right then and there, there just isn't one.  
Don't worry about it folks.

And another thing is the coming apostasies.  What they want you to do is focus on
worshipping the creation and not the Creator.  Everything about them is about the creation.  
And to them God is subservient to the creation.  Everybody and everything is subservient to
the creation.  The creation rules above all.  And so it's kind of (unclear) because obviously
the creation had to be created by someone which is God.  So God wouldn't worship His own
creation, His creation would be worshipping Him.  What they do is that they turn it around
and make it backwards, so that instead of worshipping the Creator, you're worshipping the

And you've seen that in pagan religions now.  All the paganistic based religions, they
worship creation.  Everything has a life in it, everything has a spirit in it blah, blah, blah they
worship creation.  (Editors note: Talmudic Judaism has this aspect to it, however in this
religion man ends up worshipping another man, his rabbi - Simon) And they don't worship
the creator.  So just a clever way of Satan changing people's focus off of worshipping the
Creator into the creation itself.

They teach that everything is comprised of energy, even physical matter is energy.  And all
energy emanates from God's thoughts.  Once they accept the idea that successful focusing
of millions of minds on one expected happening will cause it to happen.  And this is here
what they're telling you.  How they believe jumping from a linear time three dimension, that
we can jump into a fifth dimension of eternal time, is having focusing of millions of minds on
one expected happening.

So this is what they're going to do.  They're going to try to get millions of people around the
earth to focus and meditate on jumping into this eternal existence of fifth dimension,  I think
they're going to find it's not easy getting the world to focus and meditate and agree on
anything.  But that's their plans folks.  That's part of their plan.

It is Commander Hatonn, also known as Atton, also known as Archangel Michael, who is the
primary author and compiler of these Phoenix journals.  And he speaks to this girl named
Darma.  It's a channeled scroll.  He channels all of this material through her.  And one of the
big aspects of it which I thought was really funny is that they have Judas there.  And we
know Judas Iscariot as the one who betrayed the Lord.  And they come out and claim that
Judas never betrayed the Lord, that the whole thing was a lie.

And so Judas himself is one of the spirits that channels through this Darma these scrolls,
this information.  I think they actually said something that was worthwhile.  "Satan comes in a
sheep's cloth to kill the lambs, and claims himself the prince of light." And that's exactly what
he does.  Satan comes in a sheep's cloth and kills the lambs because the lambs wouldn't
trust anybody else.  And so he comes disguised as one of them.  That's exactly what's
Satan's going to do.  That's exactly what the false prophet's going to do.  It's exactly what
your preachers are doing in the churches today.

They'll tell you they're preaching from the Word when they're not.  They're slipping in false
doctrines and false ideologies.  They pull one verse out of the word, take it out of context.  
Read that during the service and of course people never open up their Bibles to verify that
they're even using it in context.  And you want to know the truth of that, because if they had,
if they did do that, none of these Pentecostal wolves would be in business today.

We wouldn't have The Beast Network (TBN) pulling in billions of dollars a year.  You wouldn't
have the Hinn's and the Copeland's and all them pulling in millions of dollars a year in
donations, from people who were fooled, that will tell you that they can't be deceived.  
They'll tell you they won't be deceived.  They can't be deceived.  Well they're funding  the
wolves right now as it is.  Can you imagine when Satan comes, and all of this other stuff
starts hitting their churches.  How many have figured out that Joel Osteen is just preaching
self-help psychologies instead of the Word of the Lord.  I mean look at how many he's filling
up.  Look how many he's bringing in a week.

It's in every direction folks.  It's in every direction.  So many who people just aren't reading
their Bibles and buying in to all these New Ages techniques that are being brought because
their pastors are charismatic.  Or they're young, or they're popular.  Or everybody else
supports them so they must be doing something right mentality.  Millions and millions of the
churches, those sitting in the churches today being deceived by these people.  And these
are the same people that are saying they won't be deceived by the coming deceptions in the
last days.  Because they misinterpret something that Paul wrote in Scriptures saying the
Elect wouldn't be deceived.  Well the Elect isn't deceived.  That's why their chosen as the
14,4000 because they're not deceived.  But everybody else is folks.  Define the Elect,
define the term Elect.  And they you will see yes the entire church, the majority of them will
be deceived, can be deceived.  And a lot of them will fall for it.

We're going to take a five minute break folks and we'll be back for the second half of this
show.  We'll see you then in about five minutes.  Don't go anywhere.

We'll be right back.

Second Half of Show

And welcome back to the show everybody.

Satan's bells ringing in the churches today.  To pick up where I left off in the last hour.  I'm
talking about Satan's version of the New Testament.  That's basically what it is.  Some of the
coming deceptions and apostasies coming and changes in the teachings of the churches
that you're going to start seeing.  These things are already dominant in the new age
movement.  And we know everything that's been dominant in the New Age movement has
eventually crept over in the churches today in the denominations.

And so this is part of the other end time apostasies.  They talk about some of the end time
delusions that are coming.  So basically what they've done is they've rewritten the Gospel
itself.  They've rewritten the New Testament to appease their own teachings.  And so what I
did was read through one of their journals, the one they always recommend everybody
read, Phoenix Journal number 2.  It's entitled "I am Sananda".  And of course Sananda
being another name, term for Christ, for an office, a title.  Sananda itself is like the word
Christ.  It's just a title not a specific name.  The one coming as Sananda will call himself
Emmanuel.  Emmanuel meaning God is among us.  And so the one coming will be
Emmanuel Sananda or Sananda Emmanuel, meaning God is among us.

So I've gone through and taken out some of the low lights out of this rewriting of the book of
Matthew.  And so I'm just going to go through them briefly here.

They teach, and all of their teachers as well it doesn't change.  "The ending of a cycle and a
forthcoming transition",  And I told you the forthcoming transition is going to be where they
have everyone on earth focusing their minds in agreement in transcending into a new
dimensional shift.  (Editors note: To repeat one of Sherry's earlier warnings.  If these freaks
appear on television, do not watch them. - Simon)  And this fifth dimension.  It is an eternal
state of existence.  And of course we know that without the Lord it's totally impossible.

What Satan wants to do is create his own heavenly realm here on earth literally.  Because
we know that the only place where there is no time, where there is an eternal existence is in
heaven with the Lord.  And so what Satan wants to do is mimic that and bring it hear to earth
and have a change from an earth linear time, where we're ruled everything by time to an
eternal state where there is no more time.  The reason he wants to do so is to avoid the
coming judgments against him.

Another part, they claim that Semjasa is the father of Adam.  And Semjasa being a heavenly
son, a guardian angel of God.  And if you look in the book of Enoch, and I just had to laugh
reading this one, if you look in Enoch, Semjasa was one of the original Watchers who fell
from heaven to cohabitate with human women to procreate with them.  And was one of the
ones that taught them the hidden secrets of the Lord that He didn't want the people here
learning.  And he was judged for that.  And so what they say here is that Semjasa was the
father of Adam.

They claim that Mary was impregnated by a son of heaven, Gabriel.  They call Gabriel the
Son of Wisdom who will teach men how to serve the creation.  So their favorite Gabriel again.

Those who traveled from afar that we refer to as the Annunaki, those from heaven to earth
came being the Annunaki..  They call them the Celestial Sons.  And in these journals it's
Emmanuel himself who refers to himself as a son of the earth.  He never claims himself as
the son of God.  He never claims himself as the messiah.  What he does claim is the one
who reached truth and wisdom.  And you'll see the words truth, wisdom and logic all through
this satanic New Testament rewriting.

He'll go on and call himself the king of truth, the teacher of wisdom.  And after baptism and
God spoke, called to him.  Instead of saying, "this is My beloved Son in whom I am well
pleased", what the dove from heaven spoke when Jesus was baptized in the original
version.  In their version it states, "who shall lift the human race to knowledge".  There's no,
"my beloved son in whom I am well pleased", it's "he will lift the human race to knowledge".

There's numerous references in these journals to UFOs and Jesus being taken up in them.  
Of man being created from those in space.  Not created by the Most High but from those
Celestial Sons in space.  And that's the same lie they're going to come with when they come
here the Annunaki.  They're going to claim they're the creators, the original creators of
mankind, who are returning to earth.

During the Millennium, their Kingdom Age or their Golden Age, they claim the human race
will mix with the Celestial Sons to create new human races.  And we've already experienced
this.  As in the days of Noah when the Watchers fell from heaven and cohabitated with
human women they procreated giants.  There were giants on the earth.  I've written
numerous articles on that and you can read it all over the place, other people as well.  
About giants formerly being here on earth.

And basically there's no judgment for actions.  They throw balance and uproar as in the
Laws of Nature.  They replace everything.  There's no Ten Commandments.  There's no
rules of the Lord, there's just the Laws of Nature and Creation.  And those are the ones that
you're to follow.

They teach people to pray to the almighty power of the spirit.  You're praying actually to the
almighty power of your own spirit.  Not the Spirit of God, there's no messiah to worship.  
There's no mediator between God and man, because every man can become their own god.
 So you pray to the almighty power of your own spirit.

They claim that the spirit of man can perform miracles through the knowledge of truth.  That
every man can perform miracles, the only reason you're not is because you just don't know
how.  You don't have the knowledge or truth on how to do it.

And it claims that... what they teach is that... what they supposedly say the teacher says is,
"I am a man just as you, but I know how to use the power of my spirit through my
knowledge".  And this is why he can perform miracles and nobody else can.  Because he
learned how to use the power of his spirit through knowledge, whereas the rest of us just
need to catch up.  And so it totally negates any kind of power being from the Lord Himself
giving man the ability to heal people to do miracles.  It's something that can be obtained.  
This is something you can learn.  This is what they teach.

It's the Laws of Nature and the Laws of Creation and the power of man's spirit that embodies
life.  That heals the sick, that raises the dead.  In other words it's through your own power
and not God's.

And then on another thing, I don't know where because they always speak out of both sides
of their mouth.  They'll claim man is God's temple.  He needs no graven images or ornate
building with another man's name placed on them.  And that's true.  But they won't tell you
that it's not a Most High God but man can become himself a god, so that you yourself are
your own temple.  You don't need to meet in a church with graven images or ornate building
with somebody else's name placed on them.  And when I read that it made me think.  
Because how many churches today do we have that are called the Lord's churches and
they're named after saints or they're named after somebody's name or something else.  How
many are named after Him.  You know the Most High, the Lord.  Not very many.

In their writings they have a curse of Israel.  And they claim that Israel was never a tribe of
their own.  That at all time they've always made a living on murder, robbery and fire.  And so
that's interesting.  They claim that Israel was not even it's own race, that it never was its own
nation.  And that's ridiculous, they're totally negating the ancient Israelite race.  Of course
we know that the Jews today, most of the Jews today are not real Jews.  You can look at
Revelation 2:9 and 3:9 where it talks about how they claim they're real Jews but they're fake
Jews.  They're a synagogue of Satan.  But he's wiping out the entire fact that they existed as
a nation.

Some of the things I thought were interesting because they're always running so far from
accountability.  You know there's never any accountability for anyone's actions.  You
develop bad karma or on your next incarnation then you'll learn to get it right.  They hardly
ever approach accountability.

But then again speaking out of both sides of their mouths, I thought this was funny, because
they actually approach it.  If you look in the journals directly.  And here they say... and they
call us hate speech.  That I thought was so funny because I get contacted by so many New
Agers all the time, who tell me my websites are fear mongering.  That they're hate.  If they're
fear mongering and hate, how would they deal with the Lord who was holiness or hell
preaching the whole time He was here?  You know they simply can't deal with the truth.  
They don't want to deal with accountability.

But here their own leaders are requiring of them accountability.  Something you won't see in
their e-mails that they send to their list, but it's clearly written right here in their journals.  It
says in their own journals, "that if two men consort with one another in intimate sexual
relationships, they should be punished for the fallible, the  unworthiness of life and it's laws.  
Therefore they should be sterilized and further expelled and banned before the people".  So
that's their way of dealing with homosexuals, they should be sterilized and banned from the
people.  But they claim "if however two women cohabit with each other, they should not be
punished for they do not against life and it's laws.  They're not inseminating but baring."

They deal with the fact that child molesters and pedophiles should be killed.  Also those
involved with incest and practice bestiality, all should be killed.  They're a lot more.. all we do
is preach the sin and preach the forgiveness of it.  And there's no forgiveness here, these
people are just banning them to be killed.  And so much for their peace, love, lah dah dah
and we're going to live on clouds and jump into an eternal state of existence.  These kinds
of people won't even be allowed in their presence.

It says here, "he who marries a man or a woman who was divorced should be sterilized and
banned from the people.  A man who begets children out of wedlock should loose his life,
and he who creates a child in this union and abandons this child, shall have his name
stricken from the book of life."  So any man who begets children out of wedlock would be

"The only reason for divorce is adultery.  For a person responsible for adultery he should
be sterilized."  So so far they've got sterilization, for homosexuals, for those who are
divorced or if you marry a divorced... "he who marries a married man or woman who was
divorced".  If you marry a divorced person you get sterilized.  And if you divorce children out
of wedlock... Oh those are killed.  The ones who commit adultery are sterilized.  Okay.

And so that's part of their judgments here folks that you won't see them putting out on their
famous e-mail list.  Because they never talk of judgment then, it's all just love and peace
and we're all going to get along.

On page 78 of this Phoenix journal number 2 it says, "Israel deems themselves above all the
human races as the chosen people and considers themselves a separate race.  Israel was
never a race nor nation thus could not be a chosen race by whatever definition."

They go on with their own parable of the wheat and the fruit as opposed to the parable of
the wheat and the tares that we have in the book of Matthew.  And this one is the weeds that
are gathered and burned.  And the fruit are spared, they don't say anything about tares per

And they claim that God is the spiritual ruler of the three races, but the creation is above
Him.  Whose laws He faithfully follows.  And that He God is not omnipotent, only the creation
itself can be omnipotent.  Thus there are limits to God.  And they don't come out and say
there is not a supreme God being, a top supreme being.  They just say that He's limited and
that He has to follow the Laws of Creation, that He's bound by the Laws of Creation itself.  
That they aren't bound to Him.  They kind of reverse it.

"God is a man on a far greater dimension of perfection, and it is left for man to grow in his
own truth and perfection that he can obtain such perfection."  In other words that man can
become a god.  That yes we do have a God that lives in a far greater dimension of
perfection, but that we can also obtain the same thing.  And here you hear that Satan's hiss
where we can all become gods.

You know they'll say that Jesus wasn't killed.  They don't take out the story of His death and
crucifixion and resurrection, they just rewrite it.  They claim He wasn't killed, but in a state of
semi death for three days and placed in a tomb.

And that basically creation is above man, above God and above everything.  And a lot of
these teachings directly on Jesus Himself that we're seeing come out from the Illuminati
circles, from the masonic teachings.  That Jesus married, that He had children, that He
escaped death on the cross.  They crucified the wrong person.  That He escaped to India.  
That He married Mary Magdalene or whatever, and that He had children.  And these
Phoenix journals pretty much state the same thing that He escaped.  Well they say He was
never killed.  That He was later brought out of His tomb and where He was healed and
restored His strength.  And then He left Jerusalem and went on to India.

The Masonic teachings go as far as to say that He who never even put on the cross, that
they hung the wrong person up, and He escaped to India.  Both of them being that He went
to India and married and had children.  You know they start this whole thing on...

And the Phoenix journal goes on and on about how there are three races here on the earth.
 The orient being one of them.  And a tribe from the extreme north, extreme north of Israel
would have to be Russia or something.  Probably the Russians, the north of Israel.  And
then the Jews, the race that doesn't exist.  That was the one that was never a race to begin
with or a nation.

But I found that interesting that two of the biggest things they push, is the fact that Jesus is
not dominant, dominant man of His time in India.  And there's three races on earth, when we
know that there's many of them.  The Lord's chosen people were one race.  
The Israelites, not necessarily being just a Jewish race that we have today.  And that's
where a lot of people get hung up.  Because Jews is a modern day term.  It's something like
a generic word for one tribe, one group of people.  Because there are, Jews who call
themselves Jews and aren't Jews that rule Israel today.  What we call Zionism.  Their Zionism
is same thing as our NWO, they just call it Zionism.

Both nations working to bring in a one world government ruled by Lucifer in the last days.  
Israel working towards this.  America working towards this.  Forcing other countries around
the globe into this.  And countries who don't go along with it, are overtaken and conquered.  
And installed with leaders that can be controlled by America and Israel, so that they will
follow along with the NWO and accept the one world government.

More information on... I've got about five minutes left.  And next week folks I'll do a listener
call in, next week for the entire time.  Because I haven't done them for two weeks now.  But
next week what I'm going to do is go into more of these journals, this information that they've
got tucked away in their journals.  Basically so you don't have to, unless you want to go
verify everything that I'm saying that's in them.

But this is the garbage that's coming out.  This is going to be a part of the apostasies.. we're
already seeing it now in a lot of the teachings.  And it's going to come out even more and
more.  Anything the New Age has done has made it's way into our churches.  Has made it's
way into a lot of the religions.

So this is going to be dominant in the last days.  They're painting their whole scenario of
their whole coming kingdom on earth,  Their whole coming dimension change of shifting
from linear time that we operate in to an eternal state of existence which is the fifth
dimension.  And what they'll need to do to do that basically is bodies.  Because they need
bodies to operate in.

I don't know where that one quote is that I had.  But it was talking about how commander
Hatonn.  They call him commander at times instead of god of Nebbadon.  They call him
Commander Hatonn... says that two thirds of the earth has already been cloned.  And what I
interpret this as is probably two thirds of the earth can be easily overtaken by alien
possession right now.  Soul scalped.

Because all they have to do is get people into believing these false doctrines that they're
teaching and preaching.  And once they accept them, and they've denied the truth or they
once even knew, once even professed the name of the Lord and then backslid away from
the Lord and started embracing these false teachings.  If they start accepting these
teachings or even go the extra mile of just starting to turn their own DNA from a carbon
based, lead based DNA to a crystalline DNA.  Or even turning on the extra codons in their
DNA, tweaking their DNA.  What they're doing is making themselves access as host bodies
for alien and demonic possession.

That's what it's all about folks.  If they've got about two thirds of the earth now that they can
walk in, these aliens can walk in and possess.  I wouldn't doubt it.  That's what they claim.  
They claim that two thirds is already cloned.  You know there's no way two thirds of the earth
is cloned literally in the way we think of being cloned.  But could probably be easily targeted
and accessed for possession.

And the Lord said, that the righteous will become more righteous and the wicked become
more wickeder.  And that's why because even Christians who backslide, who constantly live
in sin, can become targets for this possession.  And you don't think it's happening, you don't
think it's possible.  How many Christian forums today can you stand on being on for five
minutes?  Because most of them are so demonized.  And they're so filled with hate, and
they're so filled with anger.  All they do is spend their time attacking the brethren.  Those
aren't the Lord's people.  The Lord does not allow His people to sit and attack His brethren
up one side, down another, when there are so many other things we need to be doing.

You know He says not to pray for the judgment to be withheld from this country because
He's already condemned it for judgment, but to pray for the souls of those perishing in it.  To
preach repentance and redemption because so many people here are going to be
perishing.  We can't save our country any more.  It's already been marked for judgment.  
But what we can do is save the people in it.  It's to fight for their souls.  You know preach the
word, preach repentance, preach salvation.  There's nothing more we can do.

Prepare for what's coming.  Prepare for what's ahead.  Start stocking, start preparing so
when disasters start coming, when martial law is declared, when a police state starts forming
everywhere.  You know I've been telling you forever, just go hide somewhere.  You got to
get out of the cities.  Start preparing now to get out of the cities.  But just go hide
somewhere.  And so a lot of things happening.  A lot of things coming down.  These
apostasies and heresies that are coming are just a tip of the iceberg.  Just a tip of the
iceberg.  You haven't even begun to see it yet.

Like I've said, there's so much coming from every direction.  All I can try to do is forewarn
and prepare for all the different types of directions that they're coming from.  And this of
course being one of them.  But that's one of the warnings I want to give before I end this
show tonight is that Christians who claim that they can't be deceived, they won't be
deceived.  It's the very ones that can be, and the very ones that are being.  Because if He's
allowing you to sit in errors now, you're going to be adopting them latter.  And the only way
you can get into the truth, and know the truth in errors, is start to praying for the truth to be
revealed to you in all things daily.  

Start asking Him for the truth now, so that when it comes you can recognize it for being in
error, for the error it is.

That wraps up the show for the week folks.  I'll be back next week at 8:00pm Monday night
eastern.  And I'll be taking listener call in then next week.

In the meantime have a good week everybody, God bless.