This is a message from Commander Korton of the Galactic Federation. They are now stating that they will bring forth trials that will prove the government's collaboration and complicity in 911.

     So...the "Messiah" and NESARA can't come to earth until the current government is eliminated.

     Seems to me their fraud Jesus is subservient to everyone and rules over nothing.

     More proof they offer nothing but their own hostile takeover of our government, that it's actually nothing more than a coup from space, and that they are not divine beings at all. Of course we know they are liars and not divine, but will their followers ever wake up?


Wakeup Call Message     April 19 , 2005


Good day my dear ones. I come to you with news once more of the
impending trials of the ones who have perpetrated the crimes against
humanity. With these trials there will come a great reckoning of the
forces of darkness and the advances they have made in their own

I AM Korton this morning, and I come in behalf of all of us in the
Galactic Federation. I will present to you a timetable that is very
flexible and allows for the removal of certain barriers to the cause.

These barriers as you know have been set in place every moment of
every day that precedes the trials, and with these barriers, more time
is gained for the public to be informed of the various leaks of
information that can implicate the very ones who stall for time.

See how this works? See how they cast their lot and it comes right
back to them? This is the best example of how it is to cast bread upon
the waters and see the crumbs come back tenfold.

When we began this forward movement in earnest we did so because it
was prudent for us to. We saw that there was to be a raveling of
circumstances that could have seed in bringing the shadows over the
heads of the perpetrators, and allow the public to see for themselves
what has been transpiring within the ranks of the ones who claim to be
duly elected by the people.

This has brought us to this point, and in this we find that there is
no recourse for them but to surrender and allow the justice and mercy
of the Divine to intercede and bring all to a just settlement.

For this reason, we are now prepared to bring certain evidence to the
courts and to follow through with the witnesses who are gathered to
contribute their testimony. When these trials begin, there will be
public coverage of many points of them, and with that there can be no
mistaking what has been taking place.

We will join with the officials who are involved in bringing equitable
results to the proceedings, and in the instance that the media
declines to bring forth an accurate portrayal of the proceedings, we
will intervene and assure that all of the truth is presented.

When all the facts of the involvement of the various parties to the
disaster of 9/11 are brought forth, then there will be an opening for
all of the rest of the events to stand in place and have their day in

There shall be an awakening awareness of the people of not only this
country, but of the entire world, and in this position of truth and
authority, we stand ready to present and back this evidence up with
what has been brought to our attention and verified by our ability to
recognize true evidence. This too is your ability, and you will see
the validity as it is presented.

One more point I wish to make on this day is that certain points of
interest have been announced through the past few days, and with these
points there has also been a different presentation. This is due to
the variance of the issues and to the presentation of them. They are
all contained in the same issue, and represent the various point of
that issue.

Give credence if you will to the fact that there is an ongoing
vigilance to the truth, and see the underlying thread that connects it
all. This is a time when we must all join our energies and work
together for the common good. This is a time when to see two sides of
an issue is not to separate but join in unity the overall picture of
what is being presented.

We will see a grand picture of love and compassion when we open our
hearts and our eyes to the truth of all that is taking place. So with
this note of conclusion I ask that you all keep an open mind and an
open Spirit for the best is yet to come, and it is grand indeed.

We are all from the same source, and in that truth there is no room
for separation. Unity will bring this all together and heal the world.
I take my leave and shower love upon all of you.

Thank you dear Commander Korton,

Love, Nancy Tate