From: AbundantHope2002@wmconnect.com
Date: Apr 18, 2005 12:53 AM
Subject: message, may post to websites

Dear Folks, I have been basically in a sabbatical all day. I had a
lengthy meeting with Sananda, Germain, and Hatonn, in the late
afternoon, starting shortly before 4 PM, Mountain Time. I then went
about some other activities, and just returned to the computer an hour
ago, to begin a short message from Sananda. I checked the mail
briefly, finding several letters with the latest message from Nancy
Tate, of which I was unaware of. So, I read the message to Sananda,
who then called in Hatonn, they had a brief conference, and now are
ready to give a message.

Hatonn: Hello one and all, it is I, Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, and I come
again for a message, that I never intended to need to give. Remember,
I am not supposedly involved in the messages around the NESARA
announcement at this time. I seem forced into the issue. At the time
that the email shows that the message from Nancy Tate went out, I was
in conference with Candace, Sananda and Germain. We had quite a lively
discussion, with updating of events. It was agreed that Sananda would
post a message late this evening. It seems that now I am doing that.

Yes, we have some important people in your government in detention at
this time, in the White House basement areas. I myself have not been
there, others are in charge. I am informed that these ones are being
quite recalcitrant about giving up their authority. I care not what is
their decision, we go ahead with the plans anyway.

There were 10 hostages taken, all part of the presentation team on
Friday, April 15, announcement day. This event occurred approximately
2 hours prior to the announcement. I will not give out the names of
these people. I will say that the 10th person is a star person, who
would have been responsible for announcing our presence as part of the
teaching schedule. Of course, the star person occurred no mental harm
of the abduction process, but the others did.

These people are actually part of the "teaching" team, taking over
after CNN's roughly 1 HR news event. They are highly visible people in
the society of the United States. They included the temporary
President and Vice President. Also was there a financial person, to
explain the upcoming changes of credit and other financial
information. Several of these people are people who are held in great
trust in this country. This is needed, because I must remind you,
99.99% of the population is totally unaware of NESARA, and this will
appear as a coup de tat, initially. These very known and trustworthy
individuals are very necessary to the success of the announcement.

We decided some time ago, with the failure of the Emergency Broadcast
System, to use CNN, the most trusted name in news folks for the
announcement. After we got rid of some moles and the star people began
working with them, they came quite into alignment with the idea, and
literally were on pins and needles all day Friday awaiting their
participation, which would be to announce the President and Vice
President and many others were either under arrest, or an arrest
warrant issued. This still stands, although we now of course do have
many under arrest, as a direct result of the kidnappings.

Believe me, these folks in detention are not in a state of total
comfort right now, they are under duress, as well they should be, for
the carrying out of the taking of hostages, given by their orders. We
are not happy with this. We did anticipate the possibility, with these
ones, you do plan for difficulties.

The presenters have been accompanied by star people, invisible of
higher vibration, by intent of stealth, for quite some time. The
BBB&G's know who all of the quite famous people are. I find it truly
amazing that this was attempted. The persons actually doing the
kidnapping were not aware of the star guardians. The star guardians of
course beamed all of them, the kidnappers and the hostages out
immediately. The hostages were not in a group, we had them separated,
so this was a well planned event. As mentioned, the kidnappers are no
longer on earth. They are quite dead in fact.

Candace read a letter from a reader today, during our conference
earlier, in which the reader complained that what was the importance
of this elderly man, that was so shaken, Vs the importance of the
NESARA announcement to the worlds people. It was asked why couldn't he
just rest at home?

Please I am asking you all to look at the higher perspective. We are
not talking the love and light perspective, we are talking the
reaction of the American people to seeing the arrest of their
leadership. This elderly person is extremely trustworthy to the
people, and these services of trust are very needed. Sit in your
living room, pretend you know jack shit about NESARA and dearly love
Mr. Bush, and the American dream. How would you react to this? I do
not mean to cite this one letter, there have been repeatedly for some
time now, many of this nature, including, if you can't get the job
done, go home.

This is the last bastion of Nebadon's BBB&G's. They have star
technology, which can be devastating used in the wrong hands, that is
why we took out the big weapons. With HAARP, these idiots could and
would not have hesitated to set a fire to your atmosphere, after which
you would all be quite dead. I know the poor need to eat. But eating
will be mute, had that happened and several thousand years of work
ended in great sadness. This happened to Mars, my friends, and many of
you are here from that catastrophe.

I suggest you revisit you star war type films, for an idea of the
power that exists, and imagine the last of that power holed up on
earth. WE will not risk the planet, having come this far. Get a Grip!
As has been said by Sananda recently, we are not backing off and
setting up again another future date. This is it, the date is just
taking a few days, instead of a few hours.

After CNN's broadcast on Friday, there was to have been a 3 hour
teaching presentation, with more episodes and repeats on the weekend.
We would like to have basically the same schedule all over again. (But
we are not waiting for a Friday and a weekend) These quite famous
people are not warriors, not one of them, except maybe for the elderly
person, in a manner, in his younger years. This person has recouped
himself, with a bit of healing from star doctors. He suffered an
anxiety caused heart problem, but is quite well now. We value this
person, and so do you, and you will understand this when the
announcement does happen. We are not invaders and we will not be seen
as such. We are in no risk whatsoever from weaponry. But this is the
Second Coming package deal, and it is going to be a sacred event, period.

After the NESARA announcement and teaching process, which will include
near the end portion, an introduction to the fact of our presence in
your skies. There will be increased contact activities, and I promise
that CNN, and ABC will be covering them. We are still having some
reticence with the other stations, but what pray tell, are they going
to do about it? I think they will be on board quite rapidly.

The Second Coming event is planned well prior to June 30 of this year.
It's date remains secret. It will be one big bash, with massive world
wide landings of the star people with the Master's returns, the main
Master of course, Sananda. We are gong to have people comfortable with
us before we drop out of the skies. Your patience and understanding
please in all these issues. NESARA will be announced in quite a number
of countries soon after the USA announcement, and this process will
vary from country to country. Candace gets quite a few questions about
NESARA for other countries, and it will vary in each country according
to its inflation, tax codes, and banking processes.

We see many questions about the prosperity funds. This varies also
from country to country in the distribution manner and the timing. To
bring NESARA to the entire world, with increasing contact activities,
prior to the Second Coming event, is quite a process. Those that think
they can do better, can send their suggestions my way, via telepathy
and not via Candace. She is but one person.

Project Earth Transition is a mighty project. As has been said
before, until the beginning of 2003, we were not sure of our
dedication to Earth, following the results of 911. A lift off was a
real possibility, and to let these turkeys have their fun and games,
minus the presence of any of God in their skies. Just walk away, for
ever, never to return, other than leave them very incapable of every
leaving this place. That would indeed be hell, especially with entry
into the photon belt.

Then the peace marches began. The Internet really got up and going.
Now many get their important news from the Internet and are waking up.
The ascension process has started in many. The world is beginning to
glow, and I mean glow, from up where I hang out in your sky, the Earth
is actually beginning to shine, there is an actual light around it, my

So we got real serious again, and now here were are. Don't you think
a few more hours is worth it, what you are going to get to experience?
Rather than being lifted off, and having to travel and meld with other
existing societies, you get to be involved the healing of the planet
and her many peoples. Have you no idea what this means for your
spiritual growth? Have you no idea how much we are in admiration of
you? We trust in you, or we would not have gone this far. Hang tight
please. It is all going to happen. So, now, It is around 11 PM, where
Candace resides. Go to bed in peace and joy please, and send your
prayers to these 10 and the members of the CNN staff that were so
greatly shaken up, in their service to you. I AM Gyeorgos Ceres
Hatonn, Commander in Chief, Earth Project Transition.

Sananda: Dear friends, I don't think there is much more to add,
Gyeorgos has done quite well. It is only a short while now until our
"final " grand event, the Second Coming event, and as I have
repeatedly said before, you are all going to be much needed to help
those around your prepare for it. To recap on Hatonn's figures above,
99.99% of the whole world is unaware. That makes you a mighty small
group with a mighty big job. Of course, with the assorted contact
events, people will be aware in a relatively short time of our
presence. In general I don't plan to announce the Second Coming event
other than by these messages, so it will still be a surprise, but we
will have educated the people in many little ways not to expect
rapture. The star people will take care of this. This will be quite
the finest year Earth has ever experienced. Lets us be in joy of it.
Namaste, Sananda.

Candace: I would like to add a small note. I get a fair number of
letters, from people that think Sananda will be doing or coming during
the NESARA events. This is not so. He is doing the Second Coming
event, which will be as stated, sometime prior to June 30 of this
year, and by my counting, less than 2 1/2 months away. For those not
Christians reading the messages, I would like to remind you also, that
Maitreya, the Coming Buddha is coming to Buddhists, and Mohammed to
Islam. Plus several others associated with various religions on Earth.
Sananda comes for all. It is his party, as representative of Christ
Michael of Nebadon to this planet. Now, I got to go get some sleep,
another day hoping I will see it all myself on CNN. I am as glued to
it, as are all of you. Take care, Candace