Date: Apr 16, 2005 10:01 PM
Subject: list, don't publish

Hi everyone, Sananda would like to make a brief comment and update the message sent out this morning. This is not suitable for website
publication, but please share around to your lists.

Sananda: My dear readers, be not discouraged. Today went without
further incidents. The people at CNN and the others taken hostage are
still in a severe state of shock and confusion. Their families are
very upset still. Also, the plan was to announce as mentioned at 6pm
Eastern time, and there was to be much teaching today. This plan was
messed up to say the least.

In addition one of the presenters, who is elderly was among the
hostages, and either we make a change or give this person another day
to recoup, for the teaching portion. Schedules have been quite messed
up. I am working myself personally with some folks that were involved.
As Candace said, if these folks had been killed, we would have had a
911 type news event.

They have all been accompanied by star guardians when out and about
for a time now, since adequate shielding is difficult in public
places. This is why we were able to beam them out quickly and
successfully. These people of course, had never been beamed around.
They are not accustomed to this either physically or mentally. A day
of rest and separation will help all.

I refuse because of moles to give another time, know only that it
well happen as soon as everything is again in order. We are setting no
new dates, this is it, time wise, just delayed a bit. It is funny,
well no it is not, but CNN thinks themselves able to handle anything,
but this blew them away. They were like quivering jello afterwards,
and this is quite understandable.

Please do not post this email on the websites. You can construct a
short note explaining the taking of the hostages, and that all has
been resolved, which it has, and that the time will not be announced,
will remain a surprise, and that healing is necessary for the
hostages.  Go in peace, my loved ones, we are in control.  Sananda