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In the beginning, Earth was without form, and civilization was nonexistant. Thousands of years later, signs of earlier life on Earth were discovered, indicating that extremely intelligent life had once existed.

Author Sherry Shriner alleges that a cover-up began in 1954, when a race of aliens that had been orbiting the Earth landed at Holloman Air Force Base. Afraid that their planet was dying, the aliens landed a second time at Edwards Air Force Base. Shriner explains that this monumental event had been planned in advance, and, on the appointed day, President Eisenhower was whisked away to the base, under the guise of a visit to a dentist. After President Eisenhower met with the aliens, a formal treaty between the Alien Nation and the United States of America was signed. Has the United Sates government really been collaborating with aliens for the past sixty years?

   In Bible Codes Revealed, Shriner challenges readers to consider the possibility of a future global alien and UFO invasion, and more importantly, what we can and should do once this event transpires. According to the author, it's not a matter of IF but WHEN! And soon.

   The information you will read in these pages is shocking, and points to an imminent danger on every level of a global society teetering on the brink of human and spiritual slavery.

Sherry Shriner's information will shock you, but most importantly, will challenge you to get involved now in spreading the truth about this horrific reality: that aliens exist and control much of what happens on planet Earth, and unless humankind takes a stand now, the world humans rely on, the possibility of future generations even, most certainly would be lost forever due mainly to the greed and criminality of the world's most powerful ruling bodies desiring short term technological progress in exchange for selling out the human race!




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        It would stand at the foot of my bed and stare at me as I lay trying to sleep. Fear and sheer terror would grip every muscle and bone I had. It was at least 7 feet tall, dark, and evil. It wore a pitch black cape that completely covered its body from head to toe. I would shrivel under my blankets and pray for it to go away. I did not know what it was other than feeling it was some evil being straight from hell and I certainly did not know what it wanted.

     Night terrors are real.

      I continued to be haunted throughout childhood of this evil, demonic being scaring me at night. Often I would also see other shorter, creepy, black shadows move throughout the room whenever I was trying to sleep. I was too scared to move or even breathe for that matter. Going to sleep for me would mean to close my eyes and keep them closed just so I did not have to look at them however I could always feel their presence when they were around.  I developed a keen sense to know when demonic beings were around me even if I could not see them and yet I did not know how to get away from them or what to do about it. I would just pray for the Most High to protect me.

      Later in life, I would learn as an adult that the tall one was one of Luciferís generals sent to kill  me. I did not know who they were, but these beings knew who I was. From the time I was born, Lucifer knew I had a prophetic calling on my life, and that as an adult, I would grow up to become one of his arch enemies. I would learn as an adult how to expose, attack, and tear down his strongholds that he would create to control and destroy mankind. To prevent this from happening, he had assigned one of his top ranking generals to kill me.

     Lucifer is on a mission to control the world as the Antichrist. I am on a mission to make it as miserable as possible for him. I despise him.